Tom Tailor

TOM TAILOR is an international, vertically integrated lifestyle group offering high-quality, fashionable casual wear for men, women, young adults and children in the middle-income consumer segment. Since its foundation in 1962, the fashion company and its products underline a positive and carefree attitude towards life.

For each of its five product lines - Men Casual, Women Casual, Kids, Minis, Baby, Denim Male and Denim Female - the TOM TAILOR Group launches twelve collections per year. Natural trends, seasonal colours and trendy highlights reflect the unmistakable key statement of all collections. This high-quality fashion offering is complemented by never-out-of-stock, flash and repeat products and currently 19 different license product groups.

TOM TAILOR combines the emotional added-value of its lifestyle brands with the strategic advantages of an integrated provider differentiating itself through high product quality, democratic fits, attractive features, swift implementation of new fashion trends and good value for the clients' money. TOM TAILOR designs and distributes its collections via wholesale and retail channels.

TOM TAILOR is a dynamic company with a long track record of consistent growth and expansion: With its 400 plus own operated stores, the TOM TAILOR E-Shop, 175 franchise stores, 1.441 shop-in-shops, more than 10.000 multi-label points of sale the group as of 31 December, 2021, was doing business in 35 countries. In fiscal year 2021, the TOM TAILOR Group generated sales of EUR 850.7 million.

The Company employs 1.207 individuals around the world (average number of employees as of 31 December, 2021). The lifestyle company and its employees are committed to swiftly capturing new fashion trends and offering its customers high quality fashion at attractive prices. This corresponds with the TOM TAILOR philosophy: "Casual fashion for a casual life".

Tom Tailor