About Squaredeal

Squaredeal is the exclusive franchisee of world recognized brands such as Tally Weijl, Tom Tailor, Celio, Six, I am and also Flormar.  The company has been a specialist in retailing since 1938 and is known for being an innovative and forward looking player in the market.  Squaredeal owns several stores in centrally located cities which are managed with a hands-on approach as we visit our stores personally on a daily basis.  This way we strive to maintain very high standards in all our stores and we also ensure that they are run well and that our sales targets are met.


Besides retail, our associate companies are active in the real estate, catering and entertainment sectors.  These sectors are separately run with their own management structure and systems which ensures that squaredeal can focus on it’s core activity, retail and also avoid becoming distracted by non related businesses.  These associate companies generate additional income for the retail business which means the company is better positioned to cope with industry fluctuations in any one sector.

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