Real Estate

"While retail remains Squaredeal's core activity, the company has successfully diversified into the F&B and real estate sector" - Joe Grech

Advance House

Advance House, located in central Sliema is a fully owned development that leases out both office and retail space.  The premises are a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Sliema Ferries, a hub of retail, cafés and restaurants all in close proximity of each other, all facing the Sliema harbour.  The premises are fully leased out and are reaping the benefits of the huge demand for quality office space by the thousands of financial service companies currently operating in Malta

Advance House

Strand Towers

Strand Towers is a 2000 square meter prime retail and office premises located in the ferries, widely regarded as the most prestigious and sought-after area in Malta.  Due to the location, size and design of the building, the property is an ideal flagship office, and therefore is leased to top tier companies that wish to project the strength of their brands and are able to afford premium rents.  The premise has been fully occupied for the last 15 years with demand from premium office space always being greater than supply.

Squaredeal, through one of its shareholder's has a significant shareholding in Grech & Co. Ltd. which owns several prime real estate premises that are leased to third parties, such as Strand Towers, Strand apartments, Osteria Donna Carmela, Lore & Fitch, Café Cuba St Julian's, Busy Bee Sliema, Energy Complex and also Starbucks in the strand Sliema.

Strand Apartments

Strand apartments is currently a vacant site adjacent to the strand towers in Sliema that will very shortly be developed into 24 luxury apartments which will have a fantastic view of the Sliema harbor and also the island’s capital Valletta.  Beneath strand apartments there will also be prime retail space for rental.

St Julian's Restaurants

The three  restaurants 'Osteria Donna Carmela', 'Lore & Fitch' and Café Cuba restaurants are located in the heart of St Julians, overlooking Spinola bay.  The area is the most popular and hip area for dining, with many restaurants overlooking the picturesque St. Julian’s bay. The premises which originally opened in 1981 as a different F&B concept, is situated in the heart of Spinola Bay, one of the prettiest and most fashionable areas in Malta. The bay takes its name from Spinola Palace, which lies directly behind the restaurant. The Palace was built by Fra Paolo Raffaele Spinola in 1688, and is by far the most significant historical building in St Julians.

energy complex

Energy complex is by far the most successful shopping complex in Valletta and is located right in the centre of Republic Street, Malta’s busiest street.   Energy opened in 1988 and was an instant hit amongst its customers most of whom were aged between 16-35 years old.  It was the 1st complex in Malta with an escalator which resulted in people visiting the premises to see this “moving staircase”.  Due to the success of the place, an extension was made and Energy tripled in size by the time it was re-opened again in 1995.  New leading brands were introduced again in order to repeat the successful formula that made it a success in the beginning.

The Energy complex has been recently totally refurbished and today hosts over 800 sqm of retail, dedicated to leading brands, as well as 300 sqm dedicated to Tom Tailor and Tally-Weijl.

Energy Complex